Russula: Industrial Engineering Services


Today's steel producing depends even more on steel plants that can rapidly adapt to a wider range of product grades and dimensions while managing a low inventory level, maximizing mill availability and delivering on time. In order to accomplish these objectives in an efficient manner, it is critical that there is an uninterrupted flow of information from your process to the plant operational staff, to the Manufacturing Execution (MES) System and then finally to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business systems.

Russula offers the following solutions as an analytic window to your manufacturing facility:

  • HMI – Human Machine Interface -flexible system for selection, set-up and monitoring via the displays, keyboard and mouse/trackball
  • Recipe System - is a database of products based on rolled material dimensions and its corresponding mill settings. Each recipe provides the necessary adjustments and selections related to the product to roll. Recipes are easy to rapidly modify and store for later reuse; they are also adept for fast changes of product dimensions, grades and shapes
  • MES a system that optimizes production processes and integrates operational requirements with enterprise level decision making process, filling the gap between Rolling Mill Process and the ERP Business System. MES has the following functions:
    • Sales order management
    • Production scheduling
    • Quality management
    • Inventory control
    • Maintenance management
MES Diagram