24 May 2023

Water Facilities for New Sheet Mill

19 April 2022

[Ongoing] Make-up and Storm Water Systems Automation

2 March 2022

Big River Steel Works

16 December 2021

[Ongoing] Coating Galvanizing Line 2

5 October 2021

[Ongoing] Water treatment systems for NGO electrical steel

9 December 2020

Big River Steel Water Treatment Plant Phase II

23 October 2020

[Ongoing] Russula supplies the new Brandenburg plate mill water treatment plant

19 November 2019

Water treatment plant for new ultra-high strength steel galvanizing line

In December of 2017, Russula was awarded a contract to supply a water treatment plant to treat the chemicals of a new continuous galvanizing line for […]
11 April 2017

Big River Steel Water Treatment Plant Phase I