The R&D+i division plays a pivotal role in consolidating Russula’s steel process knowledge and experience with a creative appetite for developing new ideas. We work closely with our customers to develop new products and technologies that increase production, protect the environment and reduce operational costs.

At Russula, we prize a culture of collaboration across disciplines, geographies and technologies. Analytical rigor, ideation and a relentless pursuit of engineering excellence drive us to improve the status quo.

Russula R&D+i is developing artificial intelligence solutions for bar, wire rod and section mills. Many steel producing operations are complex and difficult to model mathematically. But they are controlled by human operators, which makes artificial intelligence an ideal pursuit to automate steel operations. By harnessing the latest technological advancements, we identify opportunities for saving operating costs, improving profit margins and product quality.

Petuum, a leading provider of enterprise artificial intelligence software with multiple office locations in Sunnyvale, CA and Pittsburgh, PA, has entered a strategic partnership with Russula to develop advanced process control solutions powered by Petuum’s Deep Learning Optimization software.