lower spare parts inventory


Russula’s proprietary design for high-speed finishing blocks with up to 10-passes achieves quality, twistfree rolling. Composed of interchangeable modular roll housings, different sizes of roll housings can be combined depending on the product requirements.

Next generation rolling mills

pinch ROLL/laying head

Russula has patented a new laying head design that improves equipment performance and streamlines maintenance. The simplified pipe changeout eliminates 36% of the clamps used in standard technology. Reduced split ring wear eliminates broken tail ends. A revamped motor orientation results in tighter wire rod tolerances.

Rigid design for the toughest mill conditions

Coil compactors

With a small footprint, Russula’s compactor weighs a fraction of that of older equipment in the market. The modular design, ideal for a short and shallow foundation, can be installed in just a few days.